MSLK Bids Katie Mangano a Fond Farewell

It is with great regret that our dear Katie will be leaving MSLK this month. Since Ms. Katie has never worked anywhere other than MSLK, I cannot blame her. She has been with us for 2 years and that’s a long time in the design world. Young, talented designers get restless and must see what else is out there to be conquered. I know because I stayed exactly 2 years at my first position at Two Twelve Associates, which was a wonderful place to work and full of people who are “lifers” and still work at 212 to this day. I knew from the moment we met that Katie was a “Sheri” in training so I had to expect that she would need to fly from the nest and see what else is out there. A new, different, experience is after all the ONE thing we cannot give her.

We all wish her the best!