Maly’s: HairCares Poster

MSLK-Maly's Haircares Poster

Once MSLK branded the Maly’s HairCares loyalty program,  the new brand identity had to be incorporated into Maly’s seasonal sales events, “Red, White and Shampoo” and “Santa’s Night Out.” Although these sales were popular and fun, they didn’t reflect the sophistication of the new Maly’s brand positioning.

MSLK set out to transform the sales events into something that would consistently reinforce Maly’s commitment to the salon community. We developed the tag line “Get More, Gift More” for the sale to convey that stylists were not only receiving a discount but also giving back to the community through the charity.

The poster design incorporated an iconic orange heart in the form of a gift tag. We called upon the brand identity tools we previously developed for Maly’s by adding hand-touched details such as handwriting and hand-cut heart shapes. The result gave the posters a warm and personal feeling.

HairCares and its new brand positioning was a tremendous success. In its first year, the program raised over $20,000 and led to increased consumer loyalty, as well as a 12% increase in sales at the seasonal sales events.