Thursday Night is Gallery Night

Every month for the past 4 years, MSLK has worked with Michael Mazzeo to shoot images for our Redken dealsheets. A few years back, Michael came to us and said that he wanted to channel his passion for photography and open a gallery. Marc, Michael, and I worked together to brainstorm names and the name “Peer” just stuck.

Not only is Peer a place for careful contemplation of artwork, but Michael is an educator at heart and his gallery specializes in showcasing the photographic work of industry peers.

Tonight Peer hosted the opening of a group show called “Grace” and the place was jumping. There are 100’s of galleries in Michael’s Chelsea building on 26th and 10th Ave. and the wine flowing in every single one.

Maybe I’m biased, but I have to say I was proud of Michael and Peer. Take a quick glance at the wayfinding signage in the hallway and what gallery would you go to? Only the one of them is clearly telling me that they are the place for clever, contemplative work, with a clean, modern approach. The rest of the stuff is just poorly crafted noise.

Be sure to join Peer’s mailing list and join us for cocktails at the next opening!