M Studio: Website

Mstudio home

M Studio, an emerging website and application programming studio, was looking to create a new web presence showcasing its work. This would be challenging, as most of a programmer’s work is behind the scenes—and when done correctly—something that shouldn’t even be noticed. The site would need to clearly demonstrate the intricacies that programmers bring to each project without simply creating outbound links that would drive visitors away.

MSLK’s strategy was to create a memorable user-controlled experience through interactive elements that would stand alone as a testament to what M Studio brought to the table. Our solution was to turn the notion of a traditional website on its head, captivating visitors with a deceptively simple, elegant experience.

Each page of the website was designed to be a sheet in a three-dimensional stack of pages. The pages fluttered, reacting to the movement of the mouse, and flipped down to open once selected.
Within the portfolio, animated vignettes highlighted features of M Studio’s work. These vignettes allowed users to experience each website and its technology without having to visit another site and potentially become distracted.

MSLK’s design solution proved to be a breakthrough in web design and continues to serve as an inspiration for other designers and programmers. Our work has been honored with an FWA Award, Webby Award, and has also been featured in Taschen’s Guidelines for Online Success for its excellence in navigation.