A Visit to the Good Doctor


Recently, MSLK paid a visit to the home and office of Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille. We were invited to hear his insights on a packaging redesign we have been creating for a prominent apparel manufacturer. For those who aren’t familiar with Dr. Rapaille’s work, he is the French-born marketing guru behind the “Reptillian Code”, Hummer-mania and PT Cruisers.

His discoveries are meant to instill passionate love (or sometimes utter repulsion) from consumers by touching upon our subconscious relationship with products and brands. He had cracked the “Code” for our client’s unique product offering, and we were to show him our creative solutions to his marketing objectives.

Our client had also presented the designs to their sales force. While everyone else thought our new packaging was beautiful and complete, Dr. Rapaille helped us see challenges that I am sure would have come up in market testing. For this, we are incredibly grateful to have him as part of the team.

We found Dr. Rapaille to be not only gracious and generous with his time, but deeply insightful. His ability to unify everyone on the underlying goals of this project have been a tremendous asset from the start. The surroundings of his palatial mansion were not too bad, either.