MSLK’s Things to Love 2011

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air, and MSLK has compiled our 3rd annual list of things to do, give, and love this Valentine’s Day. Single or not, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Learn Something New Together
NYMag’s Valentine’s Day guide has a great list of classes that are perfect for couples. From cooking and wine tasting to couples yoga and -ahem- naughtier things, there is bound to be something perfect for you and your better half.

Get Cultured
Looking for a different kind of educational experience? The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens just reopened after its hiatus featuring exciting new exhibits such as Real Virtuality and Dolls vs. Dictators. (Even though it’s closed Mondays, it’s still something to love!)

Have an Appy Valentine’s Day with the  OTO App
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MSLK’s app OTO has been updated with new love-inspired themes! Hit your crush with Cupid’s arrow or send kisses their way. It’s a free update if you already have OTO. If not, email us and we’ll send you a download code to get OTO from iTunes free!

Give Something Nerdy
Amrit Richmond is using tumblr to curate a wonderful selection of Valentine’s Gifts for the nerd in your life. Gamers, designers, and just regular ol’ nerds alike will find something that strikes their fancy. Nerdy gifts are regularly added to the collection so keep checking back for more great Valentine’s Day ideas.

Send a Designer Card
For you less creative types, there are plenty of talented designers out there designing unique cards for every occasion. AIGA Nebraska has a great collection of Valentine’s Cards on their Felt and Wire shop for sale. Be sure to check out the MSLK shop while you’re there too!

Send a Designer E-Card
If you’ve waited until the 14th to send a card, Kate Spade still has a great collection of designer e-cards that you can send. Each one is designed by a different artist and is guaranteed to be a welcome sight in anybody’s inbox on Monday morning. MSLK also has a set of printable Valentine’s that can always be made in a pinch.

Splurge on some (really) nice chocolate
If you’re going to stick with the classic gift of chocolate then go for the best. Mast Brothers Chocolate is a small Brooklyn-based chocolate factory whose reputation for excellent chocolate is only growing. Perfect for dark chocolate lovers, flavors range from classic dark chocolate varieties to almonds with sea salt and serrano peppers. To top it all off, this delicious chocolate is also beautifully wrapped so it’s perfect for that chocolate loving designer (or hipster) in your life.

Sip Some Tea Instead of Eating Chocolate
Speaking of chocolate, the Republic of Tea has released a special Red Velvet tea made with rooibos tea, chocolate, and beet root bits.  In addition to the red velvet flavor, Republic of Tea offers a selection of other chocolate infused teas. The strawberry and chocolate tea sounds particularly intriguing!

Mix Something on the Stronger Side
For those who need something a little stronger than tea to drink, Liqurious is a collection of drink recipes from around the web. Whether you’re drinking alone or with someone special, you’re guaranteed to find a drink that will hit the spot just right.

Make One-of-a-Kind Treats
If you love baking for Valentine’s Day and are looking to get creative, then look no further. Kopykake sells edible ink cartridges as well as printable icing paper for your home printer. The downside is you may make something that is way too pretty to eat.

Go See Something a Little Different
This Valentine’s Day Le Poisson Rouge presents an event for those who are looking for something a little darker: “Sex and Taboo: A Valentine’s Day Massacre.” The event features various performers and dancers and promises to be a night of passion, blood, and  deviance. Tickets are only $10 in advance and the first 25 guests get a  gift bag from Toys in Babeland NY.

Go Sledding in Central Park
There’s nothing like snuggling up close to one another and then pummeling down a snow covered hill. All of this crazy snow NYC has been getting means that the sledding conditions in Central Park are just right. It’s the perfect activity for the young (at heart), and it’s free!