Provoking Magic: Lighting of Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer’s first US exhibit ended today at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. In fact, I’m not sure if Ingo’s 40+ years of designed lighting have received much notoriety in the art world or been exhibited anywhere previously. Thankfully the public is beginning to appreciate the blurry lines between art and commercial design. As a result we are able to enjoy this massive retrospective of Ingo’s work outside of the offerings at his Soho store.

In case you missed the exhibit, here are my highlights.

Something Old

Apparently this is the classic design that put Ingo on the map.

The Lucellino, this was my first encounter with his work….When I lived in Italy you would see these fixtures at any “designed” location.

I love the shadows they cast on the wall.

All of his hologram work is amazing. When you pull the chain, the light source above goes off and you can see that the socket is really empty.

Another trompe l’oiel piece made famous at Camper Stores and chic apartment buildings everywhere. Is it hollow or solid?

The “official” conference table fixture of design/architecture firms.

Something New

LED Wallpaper that is literally, paper thin.

An LED wall display that is not, paper thin. Its circuitry takes up approximately 4′ of space behind the wall. However, I loved the warm ambiance created by the slowly illuminating pattern of roses and the digital fireplace…

An LED bench. This whole series of LEDs suspended in glass uses a clear membrane to conduct the electricity.

Something Borrowed

Two examples of MaMo Nouchies his paper lantern series inspired by Isamu Noguchi.

Something Blue

LED bride and groom outfits…nothing too shocking here, especially for Burners, but I just can’t wait till prêt-á-porter includes fashion that light up.