Classic + Modern

Ford Thunderbird

I’m not a big car person, but I tend to have a soft spot for certain vintage cars. I find most modern cars (mini-excluded) to be rather boring and personality-less. The bodies all look similar to me, and they all come in the same handful of colors. Occasionally I’ll spot a car like this one that makes me wonder what happened to designing a beautiful car? This Ford Thunderbird (circa 1970s?) may just be my perfect car (hybrid engine forthcoming). The lines are so perfectly long and elegant. Not to mention it comes in my favorite color. If I owned this, I think I’d have to move into the neighborhood so I could park it in front of this mural everyday. It was even parked on the corner of Ellen Street!

It makes sense that cars like this are still around and people care for them. Let’s see if we feel the same nostalgia for 2008 Camrys in a few years…