Tumi: Cubic Display


Tumi, a premium luggage company, needed to create a flexible, yet attention-grabbing retail display that would activate store windows with seasonal messaging. The challenge was to introduce Tumi’s new line “Cubic,” which featured a distinctive jacquard texture, while creating a memorable display that highlighted the Valentine’s Day season.

MSLK proposed using an ALU system, an expandable track system that provided the flexibility to hang different graphics and products in various configurations. This display system provided a customizable solution for all retail windows worldwide.

Drawing upon the Valentine’s Day theme yet remaining universal to other cultures, MSLK created the headline “Passion for Travel.” This message was placed on eye-catching, translucent red plexiglass, which allowed viewers to peer into the store. In addition, red and pink tones were implemented on trompe l’oeil signs to convey passion and introduce Cubic’s signature jacquard pattern.

MSLK’s retail solution went beyond a seasonal display as the innovative, multi-track hanging system continues to be employed by Tumi for other seasonal promotions.