The other day I was sent the handy little “Field guide to Good Motoring” in the mail (yes, this is another MINI-related post). Yet again MINI created an absolutely clever publication which seems to know its target demographic: Me.

Its a strange feeling to feel as though you’re caught in the crosshairs of a marketing department. Here, I actually enjoyed it, as it doesn’t happen too much to me.

While not groundbreaking in its design, this tiny two-color brochure crystallizes the anticipation all MINI owners feel when their car is on order. I love that MINI thought enough to develop a special communications piece specifically for this awkward part of the sale: the waiting. Instead of doing nothing (which they easily could have done), they chose to keep the “selling” going — hitting all the right notes, too.

The brochure features funny-but-true sections to ponder in anticipation of your maiden voyage: what type of owner you’ll be (the urban dweller, the racing tuner, the dandy, etc), ideal driving destinations (Mitchell Corn Palace in South Dakota, the largest ball of twine, etc). All rendered in simple line drawings and a splash of orange along the way.

The funniest part was reading the “Choosing your ideal driving companion.” They run through pros and cons of having your pet, your significant other, and your best friend as copilot. Check out the pros and cons here for “Your Best Friend”

I hate being “marketed to” as much as the next guy, but I need to give credit where credit is due. It’s as if they made a custom illustration just for me. Of course, I’m much better looking.