The Who Stage a Halftime Show to Rival the Stage Itself

In the years since Janet (Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty)’s half-dressed halftime show debacle, the musical choices have been less about pushing the envelope than they have been about nudging it gently (U2, Prince, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Broooce).

For me, this has been an overall good thing, with the performers as been classic rock icons — very much my cup of tea.

This year’s halftime show was fantastic. Even though I have never been much of a Who fan, singer Roger Daltry hit all the high notes with conviction, while guitarist Pete Townsend’s flair transcended his 65 years of age.

What more could you have asked for?

Really awesome graphics to complement the performance. And the Superbowl delivered, with the Who’s stage as inspired as the band itself.

The circular stage was replete with Brit iconography: Union Jacks and RAF logos. There was even a thin band of screens around the whole stadium whose smart graphic treatments were integral to the whole effect…


The stage was made from thousands of computer-controlled lights radiating from the center on thin spokes…

Green lasers always are welcome, too…

While half of the original members fulfilled the promise of their 60’s anthem My Generation by actually dying before they got old, I’m glad to see that the two surviving members delivered an eminence front.