Uncomfortable Conversations Opening Night

The opening night for Uncomfortable Conversations on Sunday was a big success. The small gallery space in the Meatpacking District was jam-packed with visitors adding to the intimate uncomfortable vibe of the night. MSLK’s pieces were highly appreciated and initiated a lot of conversations about the design and message. Some people saw the “right” message while others saw the hidden unintended one. This often led to humorous conversations about “you see what you want to see” and “what’s really on your mind”. The question is: what do you see?

There were a lot of interactive installations. With In Case by Materious you could shred your unwanted documents directly through your brief case.

Next to our prints was the slightly uncomfortable Body Functions installations by Mathew Waldman of Nooka.

Night Terror by Chrissy Conant was an unsettling view on our inner battle between security and anxiety.

The garden was packed!

After the positive response we’ve decided to add these prints to our MSLK shop, check back soon to order!