Spring Fun

I went to “Sakura Matsuri” the Cherry Blossoms Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical garden a few weeks ago. This weekend- long event also known as the New York City’s “Rite of Spring,” celebrates Japanese culture and the blossoming of their 220 cherry trees. People go there to enjoy Japanese pop (J-pop) concerts, traditional Japanese music and dance, taiko drumming, martial arts, bonsai pruning workshops, Japanese Manga art, tea ceremonies, and workshops for all ages.I especially enjoyed the hand-made sushi pillows a vender was selling (see image below) and the origami sugar crane making demo. It was one of the greatest spring activities that I have attended in New York so far!Shrimp Sushi Pillow & MerryOrigami Sugar CraneFlowersMore FlowersGeishaFortune Candy