How Strategic Consulting Can Save You
Time and Money

Many brands come to us with a dream or a specific vision of the brand they want to build. They can see the end product, but they just don’t know the first step on the road to get there. Other brands know the category they want to enter, but they just don’t know what products to launch. Some brands have a robust product line up that’s too complicated or unwieldy to bring to market in a cost-efficient manner. What do all these businesses have in common? They often need a strategic partner, with fresh eyes and a deep brand-building perspective to guide them through the process.

Are you…

• Seeking guidance from the ground up?
• Looking for a fresh perspective?
• Striving to move your existing brand to the next level?
• Stuck at a crossroads?
• Looking for an on-demand consultation that is responsive
to your needs?

With 20+ years of experience building and positioning brands, MSLK offers 360° services to help brands at all stages of development. Our mighty team of beauty and wellness experts can lend you expertise on brand positioning, product development, brand identity, package design, digital marketing, ecommerce, sales, and distribution. We strive to provide your brand with the answers you need.

We have had the pleasure of working on all sides of the beauty industry — collaborating with retailers, distributors, and brands themselves. We have interviewed hundreds of beauty professionals and customers. We have helped establish brands from the ground-up, launched line extensions, re-staged tired brands in a crowded market, and educated consumers on unmet needs to create entirely new categories.

Why try a consulting retainer as your first step?

Each of our clients comes to us at a different stage in the brand development process. Every team we collaborate with comes with unique previous experience and expertise. A consulting retainer allows us to precisely pick up where you and your team have left off. Our team of Brand Archeologists will dig in and uncover your existing assets, polishing these to bring more clarity to what IS currently working as we move forward. 

A consulting retainer also allows us to focus our initial efforts on your business where you need it most. Got a burning question you need answered quickly? Let us dig in and focus on that.

How does it work?

Our retainers typically start with a $5,000 deposit. We then bill for our time together utilized at $250/hour, billable in 15-minute increments. The range in initial depends on how much consultation you feel you need. Every two weeks we will issue a report outlining tasks completed and hours expended. 

The consultations themselves are intimate one-on-one calls with senior team members hand selected to answer your specific needs. We promise, you will leave with an actionable, clear vision for the journey ahead. 

When is this offered?

Such services are offered Monday-Friday 9 am – 6 pm EST but we strive to work around your schedule.

How do we get started?

Please feel free to inquire at to tell us more about your brand and where you’d like some additional aid. Be sure to mention that you are looking to get started with a consulting retainer. You may also find value in filling out our new client inquiry form here.