Holiday Card Inspiration Round-up

As designers with insatiable appetites for cool formats, playful typography and clever copy, we are always collecting printed matter that we love. Our collection has accumulated over the 17 years we’ve been in business, and for the first time ever, we are sharing it in bits and pieces as inspiration round-ups. The holiday season is quickly approaching, so today it’s all about holiday cards! Read more and get inspired to create a great holiday promotion. 

This rotating triangle card turns into a snowflake! Design by Steff Geissbuhler


Here’s another rotating card with a great concept. Each twist reveals a different message. Unfortunately when the letters on the outside are aligned, the message inside the rectangle slit is not.


This is a design concept by an old MSLK intern.


This is a great card that becomes a pop-up ornament.


These 1960’s style snowflakes are inspired by Alexander Girard. The design happens to be by Marc’s father, Herb Levitt. (Marc is a third generation graphic designer)


This card by Datagraphic allows recipients to make their own snowflakes with a spirograph!


Here’s an example of reusable gift tags with clever copy.


MSLK-Holiday-Card-8 MSLK-Holiday-Card-9
This flocked card for Country Music Television opens in two directions.



These are Sheri’s first holiday cards when she moved to NYC. She repurposed 10-cent NYC postcards, by coloring key skyscrapers green and adding a  star on top.


Here’s another early Sheri-designed card, playing with different fonts, colors and messages.



This Sheri-designed card is an invitation to a holiday party where the main event is decorating the tree with cookie cutters. The card is created with chipboard and silver spray paint.


This hand screenprinted card entices users to “Get Gifted” as they enter a choose-your-own adventure maze of holiday gifting. As a bonus, the card can by repurposed by folding it into a box that can fit each of the gifts. Designed by MSLK-designer Ryan Nussbaum and Rachel Newborn.