Kristine Foley: Direct Mail

MSLK-Kristine Foley-Stakes_shadow

Kristine Foley, an emerging garden and landscape photographer, was looking for a direct mail campaign that would connect her with art buyers at Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and Better Homes & Garden. The challenge was to create something more than just a standard postcard yet remain a low-cost promotion.

MSLK sought to create a promotion that would stand out from the crowd and that recipients would want to hold on to. Our solution was to create an eye-catching series of plant stakes that clearly visualized “garden and landscape photographer.”

Images of beautiful, exotic plants that showcased the photographer’s work were coupled with botanical information and the photographer’s contact information. To remain budget conscious, this promotion was created with simple, one-sided postcards that were gang printed and folded over stock plant stakes.

MSLK’s design solution was recognized with an American Graphic Design Award by GD USA in 2005 and honored Kristine Foley with a Photo District News’ Self-Promotion Award. More importantly, the promotion established her photography within the industry and led to an assignment for the cover of Martha Stewart Living.