Chanel Mobile Art Arrives in NYC

If you have a passion for quilted leather hold onto your handbags, next month Chanel will be rolling into town their roving art mobile with an exhibit dedicated to artists’ work inspired by the elements that give Chanel’s quilted handbags their unmistakable identity.

The real star of the show will most likely be the mobile building itself. Designed by Zaha Hadid, this is no ordinary vehicle. It seems to be a cross between the Starship Enterprise and a snail shell.

The vehicle has already been in Hong Kong and Toyko. It will land in New York on October 20th and stay through November 9th, before heading off to London, Moscow, and Paris. Tickets to the show in New York are free and became available this morning. I suggest booking yours immediately here.

I expect the show to be fabulous PR explosion for Chanel. This modern space age vehicle will sail into town among the fall foliage and come to rest in the classic architecture of Central Park. It’s the perfect blend of Chanel’s timeless sensibilities and forward thinking inspiration from the modern arts. It’s also a fabulous example of guerrilla marketing at probably a fraction of the cost of what most traditional businesses spend on advertising.

The actual vehicle in Hong Kong

Detail of the entrance.

Interior detail.