Terrain at Styers

This weekend, Katie, Jason and I took a roadtrip to Philadelphia to visit friends. I had heard about Terrain, a garden center store in the suburbs, so we made a little detour on our way home. Having read it was owned by the Urban Outfitters crew, I was pretty excited to see what they would do with a palette of plants. It turned out to be a graphic designer/gardener wannabe’s delight! The expansive store mixes indoor and outdoor space by incorporating a series of farmhouses and greenhouses that connect the outdoor garden areas. While the focus is on the garden, they also sell a variety housewares and have a nice little cafe. More pictures after the jump.

Terrain Flowers

Terrain Display

Burlap Signage

Terrain Signage

Terrain Display

Terrain Details

Terrain Bags

(images are a mixture of mine, taken from Terrain site and from ohjoy flickr set.)