Run, Don’t Walk to See Fuerzabruta

Since I used to work at a playhouse, you shouldn’t find it too hard to believe that I am a harsh critic of theater. I usually find just about everything on Broadway to be a tired cliché, but because we frequently entertain out-of-town guests, I find myself at more than my fair share of shows. Luckily, I’m always keeping my ears open for a good suggestion, and when I heard that the creators of De La Guarda were back with a new show, Fuerzabruta, I didn’t need to be told this twice.

I think the mixture of the show goes something like this: 2 parts modern art + 1 theater + 1 part Stomp + 1 part yourself as semi-active participant + 1/2 part Cirque du Soleil + 1/2 part nightclub.

I don’t even really want to explain it anymore than that, because to do so would ruin the show. All I know is that I was in awe. I smiled, laughed and, in general, had a great time.

If you are like my father (worn out from a Black Friday shopping spree, who loudly announced right before the house lights dimmed, that he was tired of being shoved all day), all you need to know is:

  1. The show is 75 minutes long and you’re standing the entire time.
  2. The line for the coat check is long and disorganized. Wear a jacket you can tolerate wearing the whole time.
  3. People in the front of the theater get wet. If you wish to avoid this, stand in the back of the theater.
  4. Most of the show happens above you, so rest up your neck.
  5. You will be pushed — or at least asked to move by the stagehands — throughout the show. It’s best to think of yourself as part of a herd, and just go with the flow.

However, if my father can quickly change his tune and leave with a smile on his face, then this show is sure to be a hit with anyone.

If you aren’t convinced or simply need more information, The New York Times, does a great job of covering the details. We also captured this video: