Take-Less: MSLK’s New Eco-Art Installation

Over the past few years, MSLK’s eco-art installations have raised awareness about society’s mindless consumption of plastic. This year we will be focusing on the unnecessary plastic waste produced by take-out and fast food. Think about all the excess plastic we use only once (or not at all), then throw away.

Can you help us collect take-out containers at your office or apartment building? Next time you eat take-out, don’t throw away the plastic forks and containers. Print out this flyer and place it on a box or bin in your office kitchen or next to your trash and recycling. We’ll come around and pick up your donations.

Email demetra@mslk.com if you can help us by collecting. More information on the project and renderings after the jump.

Through our research, we’ve determined that approximately 2629 take-out meals are consumed in the United States every second – and within each meal there are countless components of waste, including multiple plastic items. For this installation we will render this message of 2629 meals per second out of the actual take-out waste itself.  This number of man-made plastic will be juxtaposed by its natural surroundings as it lays in a field of grass.

Above: Flyer available to download, print, hang up to get collections!

We hope that viewers will consider the hard, cold permanence of this plastic as they enjoy the lush green surroundings. As our production of non-recyclable plastics increases, lush green spaces all over the world are being replaced by landfills. Viewers should become aware of their habits and the societal norm that is contributing to these ecological issues.

Mixed throughout the installation will be facts encouraging viewers to explore alternatives to plastic such as eating at home, dining in at restaurants, supporting businesses that use sustainable packaging materials, using reusable take-out containers, and in general, only taking what is needed.

See the first installment of “Take-Less” at the Figment Art Festival located on Governor’s Island from June 11-13th.