Jumpstart Your Fan-Base with Disruptive Marketing

Looking to launch a product or service into the market? Searching for a way to get exposed or ignite a conversation? Disruptive marketing is a great way to turn strangersinto fans.

Engage Your Audience
This is exactly what we did for our client Prucheek, a greeting card line for people of color. Having recently designed Prucheek’s entire product line, we brought the brand to life at the National Stationery Show with an activity that was a true extension of its cheeky attitude. We developed the “Let Your Inner Soul Out” photo station, where people could pose with larger-than-life afro cutouts and snap fun profile pics for use on social media.

Share with the World
Each photo was taken against a Prucheek-branded background, so friends of fans were instantly exposed to the brand, which allowed for viral online growth. The activity drove traffic to the booth and  jumpstarted Prucheek’s online fan-base.

Read More to view a full video of the inner soul pics as well as more images of the booth.