Judith Miller: Direct Mail


High-end photography representative, Judith Miller Inc. wanted a distinctive promotion to put her artists at the top of art buyers’ lists. It would need to be a memorable reference tool that would stand out in resource files at ad agencies.

MSLK chose to create a matchbook-style packet of cards that presents each artist’s work individually. Since the world of photography is purely visual, we sought to add a new dimension by engaging people’s sense of touch by employing unique materials. Art buyers would be enticed to use the object over and over.

We blindly debossed the logo and Judith’s tagline: “images to inspire” on a red velvet exterior to create a luxurious, tactile experience. Each of the cards is double sided with full bleed photos to give prominence to the work itself. Judith’s bold colors and circular graphics are used throughout the book to call out each of the artist names and contact information, which stand out against the photographs. Additionally, the screw post binding allows the piece to be viewed conveniently and updated easily.

The piece was sent to art directors all over the country and received an overwhelmingly positive response. It allowed Judith Miller to generate new, qualified business leads.