MSLK’s next project, a Plastic Water Bottle Island Retreat

Okay maybe only in my dreams. However, I found this video of a man who has made his own island on top of floating plastic water bottles incredibly inspirational. He appears to be running a completely self-sustainable operation complete with his own food and water supplies. What I appreciate is his harmonious blending of re-purposed materials back with nature.

I’ve also been obsessed with Earthships since my family and I went on a vacation to Taos. Even as a young kid my eyes were open to the beauty and harmony with which these homes exist with the land. Why can’t every new construction project be made for re-purposed materials?

For example the facade of this Gaudi-esque building is old tires.

And the walls of this bathroom and exterior facade below let in light by using a mixture of adobe with clear and colored glass bottles.

Such simple ideas and such aesthetically, environmentally, and economically rewarding results.

My favorite part of the video and the plastic water bottle island is how the roots of the mangrove trees not only add vegetation but presumably take root among the bottles under the water to strengthen the foundation for the island. I wonder, do they contribute to the bottle degradation as well? I look forward to following his progress.