Neither Paper Nor Plastic

Plastic bags have been on our minds quite a bit these days as MSLK prepares for our art project in Nevada at the end of the summer.

A refreshing alternative to the endless toxic bounty of plastic bags are durable, reusable ones. Our friend and colleague, Carrie Hamilton, has design and produced one which combines usefulness with a dash of whimsy, as it lovingly borrows from the vernacular of iconic plastic shopping bag designs.

For a great description and a link to purchase…

Carrie notes:

It’s an organic cotton tote that’s modeled after those ubiquitous plastic deli bags that say “Thank You for Shopping With us.”

Nearly every vendor at the Union Square Farmer’s Market is still selling organic vegetables in the plastic bag that inspired this one. This seemed the clear eco-friendly alternative, but at the end of the day, I’ll admit that I’m all about the typography. It is to me as iconic as the Greek diner coffee cup that says, “It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You,” and worthy of committing to canvas.

Order your’s here!