The New Celebrity Pet, A Rabbit?

I’d like to create a trend, Rabbits as arm candy. On Friday, our friends Yvette and Landry brought their new pet to our dinner party. Calmer than a little dog and more tolerant than a cat, the rabbit stole the show. She’ll sit on your lap for hours or on your shoulder, like a parrot. I actually preferred the shoulder because she nuzzled against my neck like a warm puff of cotton. Y and L fell in love with the breed, a Lionhead Rabbit, at a flea market in Paris. They are bred to be pets, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and litterbox trained. At the end of the night they packed her up into her little designer pet bag–the perfect companion. Check more photos of the little puff ball here or on Landry’s Blog “Pissy Rabbits“.