Sun Chips Compostable Packaging, Step 1 Towards A Better Tomorrow

As a pick-me-up, my friend Mariel sent along something that certainly made me smile, Sun Chips has announced plans to release a fully compostable chip bag by Earth Day 2010. Made of 100 percent PLA, a corn based plastic, the bag is anticipated to biodegrade in industrial compost bins within 14 weeks.

Earth Day 2008, Sun Chips began using the first ever commercial solar field in Modesto, California, saving 1.7 million pounds of CO2 annually. They have also recently downsized their packaging to eliminate an estimated 5 billion square inches of additional plastic.

As part of its marketing efforts for this new PLA commitment, Frito-Lay will include samples of the bags in People magazine and plan to air this commercial showing the biodegrading process during American Idol.

Certainly this is kind of revolutionary thinking we need from all sides of the table. Without widespread interest in such efforts, at-home composting, or radical changes in our waste systems, sadly, this degradable bag will remain fully intact in a landfill. However, every step is positive one and kudos to Sun Chips for leading the way.