Einstein College of Medicine: Class Reunion Promotions

Group Shot 1

Every year, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine invites alumni to celebrate their reunion and reengage with the campus community. Einstein’s Alumni Relations directors came to MSLK looking to reinvigorate these event materials from top to bottom.

At the initial kickoff meeting with the Alumni directors, we determined that the new event materials would have to accomplish the following:

1. Be fun, sophisticated and compliment the existing Einstein Brand.

2. Be united under a single theme and structure that could be varied and used for the next 5 years.

3. Communicate a sense of nostalgia that would appeal to Einstein alumni young and old.

We delivered with a bold, flexible visual system that strikes the balance between fun and sophistication. The design is based on one big idea — the molecule — a perfect metaphor because it references science while also speaking to the bonds formed between Alumni and their connection to the campus itself. Our molecules form dynamic structures containing imagery with a heavy emphasis on vintage photos from past yearbooks.

Alumni reactions to the visuals were overwhelmingly positive. Many remarked how well the on-site graphics transformed an otherwise unremarkable hotel conference room into a nostalgic trip back in time.