Spark Toasts the Holidays with Our Fifth Annual Networking Party

Thank you to all who joined us for our fifth Annual Spark Holiday Networking Party. The event was a huge success with record attendance from all aspects of the graphic design and production process.

It is refreshing to rediscover that the art of networking is much more than signing up for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Graphic designers are connected with great consultants and seasoned veterans through Spark. This organization continues to provide an invaluable opportunity for professionals to share resources and consultants. Attending Spark events is a great way to put a personality to a face and to enjoy socializing and laughter without typing LOL. It is no secret that virtual networking is here to stay, but the response from face-to-face is immediate—and so much more effective.

We realize that Spark’s recipe for success is offering a professional and social business dialog that is currently missing in the design community. We were pleased to be joined by many seasoned veterans including: Mac technicians, software education experts, financial advisers, copywriters, printers, web programmers, video editors, and intellectual property lawyers—all key people to help build a graphic design business.

Additionally, MSLK was pleased to bring  Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor as our guest to this year’s event. Ilise has been a past speaker and long-time friend of Spark and MSLK. We are very proud and thankful for the fabulous consultants who help make our projects sing. The success of our projects would not be possible without them.