If You Can Tell Time on This Watch…


….then you’re one of my closest friends, seriously. Because around here, this is how we tell the time. I don’t wear a watch but Marc does and it looks like this. And although it doesn’t look like it, it really tells the time. Let me break it down for you….


The first 3 rows of 4 show the 12 hours. Up close you can see that the 4th row begins with a subtle gray box, in here are 3 markers for 15, 30, and 45 minutes. After that, there are 14 indicators of additional minutes. The image here shows the time is 10:25. The last subtle gray box is always “moving” ticking away the seconds.
The best part is the random pattern that the tick marks light up in. It’s a cool little animation and definitely adds to the drama of “What am I looking at?”

My mom and I are particularly gifted at telling time on this watch, we have a little competition. Marc isn’t so bad either, although he has been known to give the completely wrong time as well.
You can confuse your friends, family members, and even yourself this Christmas with one of your own from Tokyo Flash.