SuperBowl Ads

I found the Superbowl ads to be tolerable this year. It was kind of a slow build—the first quarter was a real snooze fest, but by half-time we seemed to be hitting a stride. Nothing revolutionary was unveiled, but overall they were better than the truly lame ads we get year ’round.

Of course there were also some REAL duds. If NYC can instate a storefront lumen requirement to uphold the overall vibe of Times Square, then someone should be able to establish a quality control level for Superbowl Ads. If I was in charge, the first requirement would be that you can’t run your same old tired car ad.What was your favorite ad? This one was mine, I’ve definitely been on both sides of that situation before. : )

I also love the entire NFL player profile series, especially this one about the grocery store worker “discovered” by NFL player Ephraim Salaam. This series does a great job of humanizing the players, thus creating more fans.