Future Snap Bands

This BenQSiemens concept phone can also be a bracelet. Interesting! Katie wants this. Click “Read More” to see other awsome concept phones.

This Nokia 888 concept phone, besides being a phone and a bracelet can turn into a clip-shape or “wave” when somebody calls you. Nokia developed a liquid-based battery to create this phone. It has a flexible touchscreen display and also serves as a GPS device, PDS, alarm clock, electronic wallet and much more. Check it out in action on Youtube. I want this!

This rigid bracelet phone has diamond-like keys on the inside. This phone also comes with an MP3 player. Great!

This NEC concept “Tag phone” is constructed from rubbery material that is capable of remembering its previous shapes. At your command, the tag will bend and twist accordingly.

Unfortunately, all these phones are still in concept stage. Great Innovations though! Fashion+Technology+Design.