MSLK Interviewed in GD USA’s “The Hows and Whys of Going Green”

The October issue of Graphic Design USA was dedicated to green design, and featured MSLK prominently:

– Page 20 turns its attention to our project Watershed, with a quote from Sheri Koetting about our eco art installation.

– Page 45 runs an agency profile about MSLK with an interview with Sheri and I speaking about the ways in which MSLK is a green design firm, and why.

We’ve re-run the interview after the jump…

MSLK is a boutique marketing and design agency based in NYC. We create 360˚ brand experiences to reinvigorate fashion and beauty companies, especially in the growing green market. Our solutions produce maximum results for brands yet leave a minimal impact on the environment.

Why did your firm become interested in environmentally friendly graphic design?
Our environmental commitment began because we wanted to work on projects that made a difference. As designers we feel compelled to use our talents to raise awareness on the environmental issues facing society.

Does ‘Green’ help you in your sales and marketing efforts to keep or gain new clients?
Green is certainly a hot topic and our self-initiated eco-art installations such as 2663 Urban Tumbleweeds and Watershed, have generated the most publicity in our company’s 10-year history. Both projects have been timely with public outcries for reform and served as great conversation starters for clients to think more green as well.

As a practical matter, is the recession making it harder for you or your clients to be green?
Certainly the recession is having an impact. Many companies still see going green as inherently more expensive. However, we believe that an environmentally friendly approach doesn’t have to cost more. We strive to discover ways to reduce and reuse materials, saving our clients money while reducing the impact on the environment.