The Arm Sock

Arm SockWhile visiting my parents’ farm just south of Syracuse, New York this weekend, I noticed my neighbor sporting a fashionable new trend: arm socks. Harry, who’s lived on the farm since I was born, is the trendsetter among us. Never afraid to mix colors or try new styles, it wasn’t surprising that Harry was once again pushing the envelope. But Harry is never one for frivolously indulging in fashion for fashion’s sake. There is a method to the madness for sure. These arm socks provide essential protection for clearing brush while allowing you to remain cool in that key area just below the shoulder and above the elbow. Forget the hassle of removing a sweater when it gets too hot. With arm socks, you simply slip the socks off each arm. But that’s not all…The ladies love the arm sock! Pictured here with my Aunt Tyke, Harry demonstrates how women appreciate a little extra cushion in the elbow when taking a gentleman’s arm.The Arm SockCall me, Wigwam. I’ll negotiate a deal for you.