Repurposing Styrofoam

A while back Apple sent me new laptop. I hung onto the Styrofoam sheets in the box because I loved the circle pattern. Today I was cleaning and about to throw it away, disappointed that I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Ah Ha, just then, I finally figured out the perfect use for it.

I have this metal shelf that I use as my bed-stand (it’s actually half of a cheap bathroom shelf unit) but the size is just right in-between my bed and bright orange radiator. Everything always falls through the metal bars on the top of the shelf though, obviously because it’s for towels, not bed-stand items. My apt furnishings are pretty low-budget at this point in my life, so I cut out a piece of the sheet to sit on top. A cheap and easy fix. My bed-stand is now way cooler and more functional. Plus I was able to “up-cycle” my trash into something new! Cool right?