2007 NYC Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report

The 2007 NYC Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report arrived in our mail the other day, so I read it. In it I learn helpful factoids such as, “drinking 2 liters of NYC water each day will cost just $.50 a year, whereas drinking 2 liters of bottled water will cost more than $1,400 a year.” Or that it is illegal to waste water by hosing down sidewalks or watering gardens from 11 am — 7 pm, April through October. It also sparked in me a thought, how will children being reared strictly on bottled water get the proper amount of fluoride for healthy oral hygiene? I know, it’s a strange thought, but my mom always attributes her dental woes on not having fluoride in the water as a child. Me on the other hand, I have the kind of teeth dentists dream about, or so my dentist says all the time. At any rate, if you had any last doubts about drinking NYC tap water, give the report a read here.