Our Vision for Sustainability

At MSLK, we are on a mission to build sustainable brands – in every sense of the word. While the natural and organic beauty market is predicted to double in the next eight years, we’re committed to ensuring that what you put in your homes and on your shelves is as clean as what you put on your body. 

Our commitment to sustainability has been part of our ethos for over a decade, and while economic and market trends have inhibited many small brands from being able to fully “go green”, we haven’t let that stop us from diminishing our own impact on the environment. We always seek alternatives to plastic, such as biomaterials and soy inks, and urge the brands we work with to consider sustainable green processes, including recycled content, fair trade, and local production.

Because our expertise is in education through the visual arts, I have led my studio in the creation of several eco-art installations, known as Urban Interventions. These installations have help raised awareness of the downsides of single-use “disposable” plastics such as plastic shopping bags, water bottles, and takeout containers. These projects have reached over one million people in over 63 countries.

Our vision for sustainability begins right in our studio, where we print our business cards on repurposed waste from past projects. These cards serve as great conversation starters with every prospect we meet, and more importantly, as prime examples of how small details can have a big impact in reducing our carbon footprint.