Made in Long Island City

I just received the most amazing and thoughtful gift from Colin and Caroline Walsh. This weekend is a special one for both of us because Colin and I share the same birthday, tomorrow, November 3rd. Colin and Caroline both know that I have a particular love of all things iced, especially cookies with hardened icing so they sent me a set of cookies from Eleni’s.

While this is my first time receiving anything from Eleni’s, I’m now a full-on fan. Everything from the delivery box to the gift box inside was so well done. I almost don’t even want to open the box. It’s a keepsake itself.

The cookies inside are so cute. I haven’t taken a bite yet, after the cupcakes the studio gave me for breakfast I really should pace myself, but I will soon…

And the best part….they are made right here in LIC! Go Queens.