Tumi: Flow Hangtags

MSLK-TUMI-Flow HangTag

Tumi, a premium luggage company, was launching a line of design-forward, everyday bags called Flow. Targeted towards young, urban men, the bags featured an asymmetrical design and customized pockets for media gadgets such as iPods, PDAs, and laptops. The challenge was to create a versatile packaging system that was evocative of the unique design and curves of the products.

Constrained by budget, MSLK strategized a hangtag system that would complement all products across the line. Two tags were created; one was designed as a keepsake for consumers and captured the brand’s luxurious quality, the second, more cost-effective, paper hangtag would be easily customized for individual products. This combination created a sophisticated and economical packaging solution.

Inspired by the line’s signature interior lining and metal accents, MSLK designed two asymmetrical tags overlaying one another. The top piece, featuring the logo, was created out of a translucent plastic with a metallic finish matching the bag hardware. The bottom piece was printed with the distinct, interlocking pattern of the bag lining and featured text specific to each product. These tags were then attached with a unique rubber loop evocative of the products’ construction materials.

MSLK’s design solution for Flow reconnected the brand with their target audience and has led to one of Tumi’s most successful product launch in recent years. The fashion-forward packaging system can still be found in stores today.