MSLK Named in Top New York Branding Agencies of 2019

MSLK was recently named one of the top branding agencies in NYC by B2B marketplace experts, DesignRush, and has ranked in as No. 3!

Design Rush identifies themselves as “your guide to finding the best professional agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise.” Founded by digital agency experts, the group was created by people who understand how difficult it can be to find the right partnerships. Understanding this need, they became a go-to lead for “professional partners who have the necessary knowledge, trustworthy team members and proven track record of success” and are able to rank partners by analyzing portfolios, leadership, reviews, services, etc.

Beauty industry veteran April Peck was looking to start a new line of hair treatments designed to combat the six types of hair breakage. We helped her develop her brand identity, ultimately leading to a launch at Cosmoprof North America in July 2019.

For their most recent ranking, Design Rush collected a list of the best Branding Agencies based in New York City. Among their research, they uncovered who “can create iconic logos, successful brand identities, and ultimately foster business growth.”

We are honored to be ranked number three in this list!

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MSLK’s identity for rebranding the Amazing Lash Studio franchise has increased social media followers by 70%, tripled social media likes, increased click through rates on digital ads, and has reduced customer acquisition costs by 67-87%.