Velo Classic Tours: Brand Identity

MSLK Velo Classic Tours Logo


Velo Classic Tours, a luxurious tour company for serious cyclists, needed a new brand identity. The identity would have to convey the essence of the company’s tour offerings, which blended grueling 70-mile rides with accommodations and dining at four-star chateaux. The challenge was to create a logo that reflected the elite quality of their European tours while remaining true to their racing spirits.

After auditing competitors and completing a brand-defining exercise, MSLK distilled Velo Classic Tours’ positioning into the tagline, “ride through history, live in luxury.” This tagline highlighted the company’s high-end service and would be coupled with an identifying mark that embodied Velo Classic Tours’ passion for cycling. In addition, the brand’s service offerings were refined into three core principles—serious cycling, sublime culture, and exemplary service.

MSLK sought to develop a logo that served as an identifying mark for Velo Classic Tours. This mark would establish brand loyalty and serve as the emblem for the company’s memorabilia of hats, t-shirts, and racing gear. We developed a graphic that captured the dynamic energy of a cyclist in motion. This graphic was then paired with classic typography and a color palette of royal blue with gold accents to convey the luxurious elegance of the tour service.

MSLK’s rebranding efforts and design solutions transformed Velo Classic Tours into a high-end service and was a catalyst to increased client interest. Upon launch of its new brand identity, patrons raved about the luxurious brand image and felt undercharged for its tour offerings. Furthermore, Velo Classic Tours was able to secure a tour sponsorship from Procycling Magazine and establish a partnership with a prestigious Italian villa simply based upon the quality of their promotional materials.