Musical Refreshment

Last weekend I took a trek out to Prospect Park with my mom and Jason, since none of us had ever spent much time there. It’s designed by Frederic Law Olmsted (also the landscape architect of Central Park). I was pleasantly surprised to find wonderful moments of both public social spaces and quieter private areas. One of the great public areas was the childrens’ water park. Though I’m sure this was a post-Olmstead addition, it retains the public spirit that he sought to achieve in his work, making the parks accessible to all classes and races of people. Specifically, the water features in the park are so whimsical and well designed. Each feature represents a musical instrument, with the water integrated into the design. My favorite fountain was a harp, where streams of water flowed down in place of the strings. It was great to see all the kids enjoying the fountain on a hot day.