Five Tips to Improve Your Marketing

Marketing and Design

Businesses cannot afford to simply wait for the economic picture to improve in order to increase their bottom line. It is important to be proactive in developing ways to increase revenue in the first quarter. Implementing a successful marketing and rebranding campaign could make the difference between a company’s success and failure during a negative business climate.

As consultants who have helped hundreds of mid-level and large companies reposition themselves and stay ahead of the competition, MSLK has created our top five tips for businesses to improve marketing and emerge successfully from an economic crisis…

1. Be Consistent
We encourage our clients to pick one core message and deliver it consistently at every touch point — from the way you speak on the phone, to the overall impression your print materials convey, through to your packaging, website, etc.

2.  Launch Your Website Redesign in Tiers

Our motto is “less IS more!” A bad website will tarnish a brand’s image. If your budget is small,  launch a small site with crucial data and create a plan for adding additional sections down the road.

3. Create an Email Newsletter
Email newsletters are an inexpensive way of staying in touch. They can also be used to offer discounts, promote additional services, or add value to your brand by providing helpful content/features. We’ve found that providing something in exchange for your audience’s valuable time will keep them reading future messages.

4. Do Less
Instead of mass-distributing materials to an array of different media with little to no strategy or follow-up, create tailored and personalized materials that you can personally follow up on in a timely manner. Consider creating a direct mail piece, mailing out to 25 customers or clients each month, and follow up via phone or email with each recipient.

5. Get Smart
We recommend creating materials that can serve multiple promotional needs. Required to publish an annual report? Then consider printing the financial info on a removable insert so that you can use the rest of the piece as a multi-purpose brochure. Consider similar solutions for material that will be updated/out-of-date annually.

And MSLK’s favorite bonus tip, remember:
In the end, any business can save money by taking the time to do things right the first time.

These tips are a guaranteed way to reposition a business successfully. For more information on more ways to get started, please email me at