Berkshire Hosiery: Sock Packaging

Mayer Berkshire Corporation, the second largest hosiery manufacturer in the US, was mainly known for its staple line of hosiery. As an expansion initiative, Berkshire created a trend footwear line called Footsies. Due to the products’ unique features, the challenge was to demonstrate to consumers how each sock could be worn.

Constrained by a budget, MSLK strategized a single packaging solution that accommodated several different sock styles while visualizing how each product could be worn. This innovative design lowered production costs yet functioned as a suitable packaging solution for the emerging line.

Our design captured the essence of trend socks, which are meant to be whimsical, playful, and tailored to seasonal footwear.We did this by choosing bright, multi-colored patterns that would attract the female audience.

MSLK’s successful design for the new sock packaging allowed the Berkshire brand to expand and venture into other product lines.