Toys in Oil

One of my very best friends from art school in Philly has just posted some new work on her blog. I have always been a fan of Danielle’s oil paintings (a small selection are displayed on her website). Danielle has a knack for portraiture but as a trained illustrator most of her work starts with a strong concept. Her ideas can be subtle at first glance but they are always smart — she’s a thinker and that’s why she’s great. Dan often finds inspiration from literature and for the past few years, in nautical themes.

She just completed the painting above for a show “TOYS” that opens April 1st at Gallery 1988 in LA. It’s a new subject matter for her, but I think it’s great fun. I especially love that the water is actually bed sheets against the wallpaper sky. Click “more” to see her Playmobile sailor portraits.

The above painting is entitled: “The Confederate Armed ‘HMS PLAYMOBIL’ Engaged in Enemy Attack, Flying the Confederate Armed Ensign” 16 x 20 in., oil on board

“HMS Playmobil Captain, Full Dress” 5 x 7 in., oil on wood

“HMS Playmobil Midshipman, Undress” 5 x 7 in., oil on wood