Counting My Water Bottle Consumption One at a Time

I would like to declare a personal New Year’s resolution. I need to drink more water in 2009 and in order to do that I need to bring my water bottle with me everywhere I go. I find that the minute I’m away from work/home I’m thirsty, and if I don’t have that bottle handy finding water while on the go can be tough.

The other thing I’ve found recently is that clubs, arenas, and other venues no longer like to provide ice water from the tap in a glass or with drinking fountains. These days Americans see water as a way to make money, especially if they can sell it for $3-$5 a bottle. I certainly don’t believe that water is free; I actually believe it will become the liquid gold of our generation, but I don’t believe it needs to come in a disposable bottle. The actual cost to the environment of the plastic water bottle is MUCH higher than even the value of that precious natural resource inside.

In summary, I love water and resolve to drink more of it, but I hate bottled water, and will try to consume as little bottled water as possible in 2009.

To further illustrate this point, I’m going to count the number of plastic water bottles I consume in 2009, and share it with you here… I’ve already tallied up 1, last night at an art opening, because I forgot my bottle at home, but let’s hope that $6 at least went to support  some great artists.

If you want to join me in cutting down your use of bottled water in 2009 feel free to add your own personal resolution below. Or you, or company, can take “Think Outside the Bottle” pledge here.