How to Stay Connected to Consumers During and After the Pandemic

Daniela Ciocan, the woman behind Cosmoprof and The Unfiltered Experience asked Sheri to talk on a webinar about “brand building opportunities in a new reality” and how to grow your business during a pandemic.

Alongside Daniela Ciocan as the host, Sheri lead the conversation on how brands can grow and stay connected with customers during and after the pandemic. From eCommerce to influencer marketing, the most important thing for brands to do right now is to continue to engage their community. As an expert in finding what makes brands unique in the market, Sheri addressed opportunities that fit seamlessly into the new landscape we are finding ourselves in.

Here are some of the questions Sheri discussed in her conversation with Daniela:

  • – How does MSLK help clients to find their voice in the market?
  • – How can you keep growing your business during a pandemic?
  • – What ways can you use to stay connected to your brand’s community during these uncertain times?
  • – Where is the best use of resources at the moment?
  • – How will Influencer Marketing change in the near future?


Missed the webinar? No worries! You can get all the tips here.