Urban Tumbleweeds: Brand Identity

MSLK-Urban Tumbleweeds logo

Urban Tumbleweeds, MSLK’s eco-art installation, needed a memorable graphic that would brand the project and quickly convey the sentiment behind the installation. This graphic had to be flexible and easily applied to collection boxes and shipping containers.

In order to remain green and encompass the installation’s intent, MSLK created a cost-effective stencil to reduce consumption of additional branding materials.

An icon of a plastic bag paired with a stenciled typeface was created. Using a bright, fluorescent color palette, MSLK grabbed the attention of viewers and brought the immediacy of the issue forward.

Collection boxes featuring the graphic were placed in public locations and effectively gathered enough plastic bags within two weeks. This stencil graphic went on to brand other materials for the installation and has been featured in  GD USA  and on Current TV.