2663 Urban Tumbleweeds Progress

After many months of planning, organizing, and designing, we’re finally there: our eco-art installation is ready to be shipped to Burning Man’s Playa! Again, thanks to all of you who’ve donated plastic bags. Special thanks to our summer intern Janelle, who did a great job counting, sorting and linking the 2663 bags. Yesterday afternoon, we made some tests with 1/20 of the entire chain – the distance between two signs which will be integrated periodically throughout. Even this tiny part of the 0.33 miles long installation was pretty impressive…Below are some photos of our test run.Here’s one of the 22 signs which we made out of old, reused vinyl graphics. They provide facts about the consumption of plastic bags, their environmental impact, and what can be done to change and improve the situation.Getting colored bags turned out to be difficult, but we managed to collect about 900 of them.Janelle was weaving bags like a “bag linking machine”… we are truly impressed by how fast she was!MSLK marches down the alley…This is our bag consumption in 1/20 of a second! You can’t even see the end as it stretches to the end of the block!The 2663 bags, carefully stored in 4 bike boxes, will be shipped to the Nevada Desert in early August. We’ll keep you posted!