“T” Magazine

On Monday night, Ellen, Emil and I attended an AIGA small talk with Janet Froelich and Stefano Tonchi, on the creation of “T” Magazine, the New York Times lifestyle Magazine. It was great. I have loved the New York Times Magazine since I was about 12 (I used to tell people that when I grow up I wanted to art direct the magazine, still would love to actually).

Janet and Stefano talked endearingly about their creative team as well as the collaboration between photographers and guest artists. An emphasis on creative collaboration and trust seems to be a key ingredient that puts the magazine a cut above the rest, as well as something Froelich is known for. Their strong focus on photography sets the insert issues apart from the rest of the paper while also setting the editorial tone for the magazine…

which is as meticulously designed as each photo spread. Every section stands apart without the structure of an issue falling apart. The refined logo and typographic treatments add elegance and modernity while referencing the traditional black-letter on the New York Times. The typography keeps each issue feeling creative and fresh while maintaining a limited type palette that is almost always set in black. Certainly inspirational.

The Lecture was held at the very new Times Center. It is a beautiful space and with a great lecture hall, except for the extraordinarily long aisles which required much stranding-up and shuffling to get everyone seated before the lecture.

Otherwise, great space, great lecture, great night.