Neighborhood Love

Recycle a BicycleI stumbled across the Long Island City branch of Recycle a Bicycle, and it instantly made me happy. The workshop (where apparently they build the bikes) is located on an industrial block just off Vernon Boulevard. The mural of hearts, flowers and bikes seems like a perfect fit for this non-profit organization that fixes up old bikes and resells them throughout the city. It brightens up the whole block. Recycle a BicycleThe flowers mimic the spokes of a bike. I especially love the little flower that has been painted over the drain with two hearts on top. And notice the little hearts and circular patterns on the window sills. Recycle a Bicycle is a great company that has been instrumental in promoting bike riding in the city. Their mission is to educate NYC youth on both the benefits of biking and the community and environmental attitudes that go hand-in-hand with riding a bike. I bought my bike at their East Village location a couple years ago. This makes me wish it were a tad warmer outside so I could start riding again!